We are glad to see your child pulling off at Kodland! We want to keep on helping him/her to develop even further. This is why we have prepared special terms for your next steps in education.
more knowledge
Lesson packages
for maximum benefit
Select one of the four lesson packages based on your goals. Remember that buying more lessons now means a financially rewarding investment. Just two more steps and your child will continue his/her education at Kodland!
*By purchasing the Profitable package, you can pay for the continuation of studies while in the current course. If lessons remain in the balance at the end of the course, we will credit them for the new course of your choice.
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Complete the courses with the maximum benefit and the lowest price per lesson for 12 months.
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Buy half of the course at the best price, and you can forget about renewing the course for several months.
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Learn two big related topics and consolidate skills while working on your own project.
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Complete the course with the maximum benefit and comfortable price per lesson for six months.
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Do you want to know what level your child is at now? Visit his/her Level map.
We will help your child to catch up with the group if he/she missed 2 or more lessons for a good reason.
Catch up with the group” mode
Mamy program polecający. Zaproś znajomych i otrzymaj darmowe lekcje!
Free lessons
If a child is unable to attend classes, we will stop his course for that period without a doctor's note nor even an explanation.
Freeze lessons for up to 3 months
Our students’ projects
We believe that the best way to consolidate knowledge is to put it into practice.
We at Kodland dedicate 70% of our time to hands-on activities. Firstly, the children work on learning projects suggested by their teacher, and then they implement their own ideas. Secondly, we help with publishing such projects on the Internet so that children can monetize them and get their first orders.

Rita T.
age 10
Game Rock-Paper-Scissors
I’ve decided to create a game that a lot of people know about. I’m so happy I made this game!
Dima K.
age 12
Game «BlocageCars»
This is my game! I wanted to create something difficult for gamers. And then I’ve got an idea of this project.

Sofia Y.
age 14
Character animation
I want to create a new fantastic world, looks like our real world. I’ve started the project and created the main character. Now I'm thinking about world details and other characters.
If you have any questions, or you need additional information about courses — we are happy to help!
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