You can choose a group that suits your age (8-10, 10-12 or 13-17). Classes are held online once a week. Our teachers will give lessons in Ukrainian.

We create an educational environment where children develop, according to their interests, and acquire in-demand digital skills. Students at Kodland study Game Dev, programming, graphic, and motion design 
in an interactive format. They gain a hands-on understanding with the help of real projects.
We offer 100 places on a free course for students from Ukraine
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How do we teach?
The classes are held on our platform
where students meet the class, their tutor and future friends
Completing tasks
students complete effective and fun assignments under tutor’s supervision
Summarizing lessons
summarize the lesson and master their skills by completing homework assignments
Launch your project
complete the course by presenting and launching their project
Our courses
Sunday, 11:00 (GTM +2 )
age 8-10
The course is designed to develop creativity and spatial thinking by actively working with 3D worlds. The course will help build motivation to learn programming by linking it with Roblox. We will teach students to work with 3D-modelling tools, design game locations, create and use scripts for different game mechanics in Lua.

This is a course for guys who have never worked in the Roblox Studio development environment but would like to learn how to make games.

This course is designed for two groups of students:
• the students who would like to learn their first programming language without any prior experience.
• the students who already know their way around Scratch or Roblox and would like to upgrade their skills by learning a text-based programming language.

Throughout the course, the students will create 7 projects (7 is the minimum amount, the students can create more if they please). In the first part of the course, students will learn individually. However, starting from module 6, the students will start working in teams.
age 13+
This course is designed for elementary school students who are expressing interest in the IT sphere. The children will be introduced to Scratch — a visual programming language that will help them develop their logical and creative thinking.

Throughout the course, the students will transform a number of Scratch projects, both individually and cooperatively. The ultimate goal of the course is to teach the students how to create games and cartoons on their own.
age 10-12
Tuesday, 19:00 (GMT+2)
Thursday, 15:00 (GMT+2)
Group enrolment has been suspended. Enrolled students are studying since January 2023
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