Bitwarden user guide
Hi! We are glad to welcome you to our big team!

We guess you've already received message with access to bitwarden. It looks like this:
Example of access whats you receive:
Master password: kodland.surname
(Your master password looks like: kodland+dot+ your last name)

How to log in bitwarden WEB version?
Bitwarden password manager required for storing passwords. It allows users to log in to different sites, but password still hidden for users

Important! Don't save your personal passwords in Bitwarden!

Below is an instruction for installing and using a password manager
For login to bitwarden use this link ➡

❗ Carefully look at the pictures and read the description below them, so that everything works out
When you click on the link you get to the authorization page. Here you need to enter "Login" and "master password", for example, i.surname@kodland .team and kodland.surname. After entering, click "Log in".

Now you see the passwords that you will need to work.

  1. Personal passwords that only you can see (Mail - access to your corporate mail).

  2. Shared passwords of your department;

❓ How to translate russian pages automatically?
For Google Chrome - link (without sound)
For Firefox - link (without sound)
Browser extension (NECESSARILY!)
Next, you need to install the browser extension. Follow the instructions and you will succeed ;)

Choose your browser and install the extension ⤵️
Google chrome
Yandex Browser

1. After installing the extension, you will see such a window. Go to Settings ⬇️
2. Enter the URL in the field and click save :)
3. Now you can log in. Click continue and enter your "login" and "master password".

(See images ⬇️)
Everything is ready! Now you can see all the passwords shared for you :)

Next, about working in the Bitwarden password manager




❓ How to work with a password manager and log in systems?
First (main) way
Step 1
Click "settings"
Step 2
Then Autofill
Step 3
After that in the end you need to check the box Auto-fill on page load
Second way
Step 1
To get into the necessary system from the extension, click "launch"
Step 2
The necessary system was opened. In the login input field, right-click - select bitwarden - autofill - login
Step 3
After that, the login and password will be filled in. It remains only to press the button "Enter"
Third way
Step 1
Go to the bitwarden extension and also click the "launch"
Step 2
After clicking, you find yourself on the authorization page of the desired system. To fill in the login and password, click on the desired password in the "tab"
Step 3
After that, the login and password will be filled in. It remains only to press the button "Enter"
How to sync the bitwarden extension when new passwords are added?
Settings — sync — sync vault now
How to log into Mail.Ru?
1. Go to Bitwarden in Your Mail
2. You were redirected to the site
3. Press the button ВОЙТИ
4. Your logs and password are inserted from the bitwarden
5. You get into the mail
6. Click Settings (Настройки)
7. Press the language (Язык)
8. Choose English or suggested from the list
How to get into Slack?
✨ Slack - corporate messenger for communicating with colleagues.

Each employee has access to bitwarden ➡ where you can see your mail like Mail Name Surname

Slack on the computer:
Web version of Slack
Slack for Windows

Slack on the phone:

Mail with link for authorization will be sent to your corporate email
1. You got message with authorization link
2. Open the message and click JOIN NOW
3. After that choose Continue using email address
4. Fill in your name and password. Click Create an account
If you have desktop version - click Open slack
If you use only web version - click cancel and use Slack in the browser
Congratulations! You are in Kodland workspace!
How to create corporate google account
Step 1
If you have authorized in Google already, click on your avatar and choose Add account. If not, then click Sign in — Create account — For my personal use
Step 2
In the form enter your data (first and last name) and next date of birth. Click Next.
Step 3
In the next step, you need to click Use your existing email, entere your mail with the domain @kodland team. Click Next.
Step 4
A confirmation code will be sent to your corporate email. Enter it in the appropriate field.
Step 5
Then create a password.
Step 6
Also you need to enter your number for confirmation, Choose your country code. You will receive a code in an SMS message that you will need to enter in the field.
IMPORTANT! You don't need to attach or create any spare email.
When prompted to add Gmail to your Google account, you can simply close the tab.

How to log into Notion?
Kodland has general and personal accounts.
1. The general account is in Bitwarden (name according to its department *Notion "department/segment name"*).
2. Access to a personal account is issued via corporate mail (an invitation letter is sent to the mail). If you have a personal account, you will see an invitation in the mail. In other cases, you should use GENERAL)
Notion general account
To log into the notion shared account through Bitwarden, you need to use one of the login methods described above.

*The screenshot shows an example of an account. Each department/segment has its own!

Personal Notion account
1. Open your corporate mail. In it, go to the letter from Notion and click Join your team on Notion
2. Enter your corporate email. You will receive a code by mail, copy and paste it into Notion. After that click Continue with login code
3. Enter your name and create a password for yourself. Click Continue. Congratulations, you are in a personal account.
How to set up UIS (telephony)?
How do I find my login and password?
You need to get a login and password, which will be provided by a technical support specialist or a department head. Its look like "UIS login password"
Web version of the Softphone application (in the browser)
▶ To open the softphone in a browser, follow the link. Relevant for MacOS users.
1. You need to log in with your login (your corporate email) and password.
2. You need to give an access for microphone. After that you can paste number and call.
❗ You dont need to choose a number, it'll chosen automatically.
Desktop Application Softphone (Windows OS)
▶ The application works only for Windows OS. You can download from the link.
1. You need to log in with your login (your corporate email) and password.
2. You can paste number and call.
You dont need to choose a number, it'll chosen automatically.
Other instructions you can find in Notion. Follow the ➡ link